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Food Scrap Collection Services

At Vermont Compost Company, we consider food scraps to be a highly valuable resource that we rescue and respect. Since 1998, we have been diverting food scraps from the landfill to feed to our chickens and blend with other materials to make our compost and compost-based potting soils.

When food scraps arrive on our site they are blended with cow and equine manures, as well as other farm and forest resources. This blend of materials is then provided as forage for our flock of laying hens. As our chickens sort through the recovered food scraps and other ingredients, they help shape the beginning of our composting process.  They further enhance the value of the rescued food resource with the manure they leave behind, and convert what they eat into delicious and nutritious eggs.

Vermont Compost Company is committed to keeping food scrap supplies free of plastic and other contaminants as we manage these materials in a manner that maximizes their value, returning nutrients and organic matter to regional agricultural lands, further enhancing soil health and productivity in a sustainable fashion.

“To waste is a verb, that becomes a noun (as in food waste). It is a choice made by people that disrespects a resource.” - Karl Hammer

Commercial and multi-family housing service

We now offer food scrap collection and hauling for food scrap generators. We provide wheeled 32-gallon totes, and we require a minimum of two collections per month to ensure that the food still has value as feed to our chickens. Our services are competitively priced and tailored to your needs.

Service information:

  • Our service area is currently limited to Washington County, though we are willing to work with large generators in surrounding areas on a case-by-case basis.
  • Customers will have a scheduled service day, with varied service frequency to meet your needs. On your scheduled service day we collect the filled tote(s) and leave a clean tote in its place.
  • Depending on the preference of the client, we leave totes that are less than half full, charging only for the totes we collect (subject to seasonal factors).
  • Totes are washed with a high-temperature pressure washing system that ensures clean totes that can safely be brought into commercial kitchens.
  • We use 32-gallon wheeled Toter bins. Compared to the more typical 48-gallon size, we find that the smaller sized bin is easier and safer to handle, and can be integrated more effectively into kitchens and store rooms.
  • Billing occurs at the end of the month, with a breakdown of the number of totes collected, tonnage diverted, and an option to pay electronically.
  • Rates depend on specific location and volumes generated, but are agreed upon prior to commencement of service.

For more information about our commercial and multi-family services and to set up an account, please contact our Food Residuals Program Manager:

Kyle Lanzit

Residential Collection Service

At this time we do not offer single family residential food scrap collection. However, we are operating a “Neighborhood Tote Host” food scrap collection service that provides a 32-gallon tote to a host household, which can be used by neighbors. For a monthly subscription fee, participants have access to ten drop-off locations distributed throughout the Montpelier community. Choose the most convenient drop-off location during sign-up below, and deposit your household food scraps in the tote to feed our chickens and help us create local compost. As a neighborly gesture of respect for the Tote Hosts, please limit your drop-off to reasonable daytime hours, such as 8am-6pm.  Please inquire for more information. Thank you!

For more information about our services and to set up an account, please contact our Food Residuals Program Manager:

Kyle Lanzit

Residential Collection Payment Form

*To cancel your subscription please contact us at, food@vermontcompost.com

Accepted Materials

Food Collection Program Accepted Food Scraps