Compost Plus

Container & Transplant Booster Mix

A nutrient-dense compost-based amendment, Compost Plus provides a blend of plant-available nutrients, minerals, and organic matter that feed the soil to nourish your plants. Unlike traditional soil amendments, Compost Plus improves soil health over time by building organic matter and supporting healthy fungal and bacterial communities.

This amendment does not burn roots and is ideal when applied during transplant, as a midseason topdress, or to rejuvenate potted plants. Apply as-is and water-in or create a compost tea with warm water before application. 

As a general rule, mix about 1 cup of Compost Plus into the transplant hole before planting heavy feeders like tomatoes or cannabis. For depleted potting soils, mix at a 1:4 ratio (1 part compost plus per 4 parts soil). For plants that are exhibiting signs of nutrient deficiency, sprinkle a handful or two over the root zone and water in. 

Ingredients: All ingredients used in Compost Plus have been approved for certified organic production. Our composting process meets the National Organic Program (NOP) standard requirements and our products are approved by Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF), the certification branch of NOFA-VT.

The backbone of all our products is the mature compost that we craft on site. To that foundation, we add high-quality, organic inputs selected to produce reliably outstanding soil. Our recipes are iterative, as we frequently re-evaluate suppliers and ingredients against our goals of minimizing our environmental impact and producing a premium potting soil that growers can afford. For specific questions about product formulations, please contact us at


  • Transplant booster
  • Houseplant booster
  • Top-dress or side-dress field crops
  • Top-dress or side-dress perennials
  • Supplemental fertility for cannabis and other heavy feeding crops

Best Practices

Prep For Use

Apply as-is and water-in or create a slurry with warm water before application.


Avoid drastic changes in moisture/saturation. Store undercover, out of direct sunlight. Protect from weed seed, petroleum products, and other contaminants.

Supplemental Fertility

If necessary, use after six weeks of seedling growth or during transplanting. Re-apply when immediate fertility is needed. For best results, add 1 cup of Compost Plus per 1 quart of planting media.

Storage and Shelf Life

Store in a neutral environment which encourages moisture retention and protects from UV light. For optimal performance of living soil we suggest using it within 6-9 months from date of purchase, although it may perform adequately for up to 12 months. For more detailed information, please refer to our article on storage and handling. 

Unit LBS Per Bag Bags Per Pallet Yards Per Pallet LBS Per Yard Total Weight With Pallet
1 Cubic Yard N/A N/A N/A 775 N/A
2 Yard Sling 1525 1 2 775 1575
60 Quart Bags 56 27 2 775 1575
20 Quart Bags 19 80 2 775 1575
6 Quart Bags 5.6 270 2 775


"We’ve used Vermont Compost since 2012, and we couldn’t be happier. The cost to ship to Ohio is worth it every year when we see the impact Compost Plus has on our transplants. We recently ran a trial with Ohio State University, and we were blown away by the difference between lisianthus grown with and without Compost Plus. The added nutrition and soil life brought us healthier, more robust plants and blooms. "

-Bob and Terri Berry, Berry's Blooms, Medina, OH