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Jolly Roger

Flowering & Fruiting Container Mix

Specifically crafted for container cultivation of cannabis and hemp cultivars with high-nutrient needs, this mix contains ample fertility to carry fast-growing annuals from a vigorous vegetative phase through to a bountiful finish. Excellent yields are, in part, dependent upon sufficient root space; so growers are encouraged to use a container-sized to accommodate a root volume as large as the plant they hope to grow. 


Blended from manure compost; sphagnum peat moss; crushed, washed, screened granite/basalt blend; coconut coir; blood meal; kelp; gypsum; bone meal; vermiculite. 


  • Transplanting/finishing cannabis, hemp, vegetable, and flower-starts. 
  • Repotting established heavy feeding houseplants.

*Note: Jolly Roger is not recommended for cloning or germination.

Best Practices

Prep For Use

Wet product with warm water a few hours prior to use. This allows the soil to stabilize and prevents soil from washing out of pots.


Avoid drastic changes in moisture/saturation. Store undercover, out of direct sunlight. Protect from weed seed, petroleum products, and other contaminants.

Supplemental Fertility

Usually, no additional fertility is required. If roots have filled the container and fertility is needed, top-dress with Compost Plus and water in.

Storage and Shelf Life

Store in a neutral environment which encourages moisture retention and protects from UV light. For optimal performance of living soil, we suggest using it within 8-12 months from the date of purchase.

Unit LBS Per Bag Bags Per Pallet Yards Per Pallet LBS Per Yard Total Weight With Pallet
1 Cubic Yard N/A N/A N/A 800 N/A
2 Yard Sling 1600 1 2 800 1650
60 Quart Bags 59 27 2 800 1650
20 Quart Bags 20 80 2 800 1650
6 Quart Bags 5.9 270 2 800 1650